Earphones, Earbuds and Headphones

earphones, earbuds, headphonesMost of us are fond of listening to music using our earphones, headphones or earbuds whenever we are in a café waiting for someone, in a bus going home, in the supermarket shopping, at home while reading and more. It is our way of entertaining ourselves, killing time and reducing the pressure and stress we feel. Check out the best earbuds under 50 at headphonesunder100center.

What do we really know about the earphones, earbuds, and headphones we use? Are they safe to use in our ears and what are their differences? Let us find out.


  • They have different sizes and kinds of ear cushions as it aims to provide comfort to people using it. It may be costumed-size to suit your needs or you may just feel comfortable with its ear cushion as it really designed to lock into your concha to avoid from falling when in use.


  • Although they can ear cushions, they still normally come without them and are often one-size thus makes them uncomfortable to use. The earbuds you use may always depend on the size of your ear if it will fit or not so there will still be a tendency that it might fall every time they are in use.


  • These are small speaker connected with a wire which can be connected to any music producing device for people to be able to wear them near to their ears. They are more costly than the other 2 and bigger in size. It is less portable not unless you are comfortable wearing them around your neck when not in use or if you have a bag where you headphones can fit and will not be damaged. What’s more, compared to the other 2, it has better performance and it can eliminate extra background noise which allows you to focus on the sound or music you are listening to.

When it comes to sound quality, safety with regards to your ears and features, headphones are far better than earphones and earbuds. So if you are looking to start a business specializing in providing quality sounds through earphones, get to know your product and read about how you can succeed in a business startup. All these knowledge will come in handy once you are actually managing the business of your own.