Starting Your Customized T-shirt Business

The demand for t-shirts increases every year, customized or personalized t-shirts to be precise since these are widely used by both men and women whether young or old as casual outfits. This is one main reason why entrepreneurs enter the t-shirt industry to earn good profit. With the best heat press machine, setting up a t-shirt printing business at home is possible.

However, for you to establish a fruitful t-shirt business, you will have to obtain the needed materials and equipment to produce high-quality customized shirts.

Before beginning, you have to be aware of the different t-shirt printing and transfer methods to be able to acquire the correct equipment and shirts to be used. Each method has its own pros that will be beneficial in particular circumstances.

  • The Traditional Method entails the use of a heat press machine to transmit a present layout onto the t-shirt. They work best on white t-shirts but can cause setbacks when printed on darker shirts since the print color may change. For example, a greenish hue will result when you transfer a yellow print to a blue shirt.
  • The Vinyl Transfer Method is another possibility for customized t-shirt printing. This is popularly used for its layering potentials since this method permits the use of several colors to yield excellent prints. To easily cut out your design, a vinyl cutter is needed then pressed on to your shirt using the traditional heat transfer method.
  • The Dye Sublimation Method is another printing technique used for light colored synthetic tees such as acrylic and polyester. The layout is printed on a piece of high-release paper and transferred to the shirt using heat and compression. The high temperature changes the solid dye to a gas, identified as sublimation, the process causes the dye to stick to the clothing fibers absorbing the dye for a softer texture. Pressure or compression used should be consistent to avoid smudges, distortions, and wrinkling.

The right tools and materials are needed to whichever process and method you choose to create your customized shirts. Moreover, you will have to do the processes the right way without rushing to avoid mistakes and create quality shirts for your business.