Reasons why it’s never too late to start a business

Many do not dare to go into self-employment after completing their studies, school, or training. Instead, the supposedly secure job is often accepted first. But at some point, many people want to become self-employed.

7 reasons

Do you have to be young to be a successful founder? Certainly not. There are many older founders who jump into the deep end and are often successful. You may read the thorough guide on 777 and get some ideas.


As you get older, you usually know a lot better what interests you and where you want to go.

The passion for certain topics is very high and since you have been interested in them for a long time, there is little chance that you will lose interest in them.


Older founders can fall back on a large pool of experience. This applies to both work experience and life experiences.

These are very helpful when starting your own business in order to avoid mistakes and to make the right decisions.


In the course of a lifetime, you also accumulate a lot of knowledge. Be it general knowledge or specific know-how in a technical branch.

Of course, this helps a lot when starting a business and ensures that the start-up time is significantly shorter.


Many older founders have met a lot of people in their lives and they can benefit from this when starting a business.

The contacts in particular often make a big difference and ensure successful independence.


The financial aspect should not be underestimated either. Those who have been in a job their entire life have often accumulated good savings.

At least part of it can be invested in starting your own business in order to save time without having to go into debt.


Are the children big or have they even left the house? If you have children yourself, you know that you will then have significantly more time for yourself.

Older self-employed people can therefore focus more on their business, especially when they are first starting up.


As energetic as many young founders are, there is often a lack of consistent discipline and perseverance to become really successful.

As you get older, many find it easy to stay on the ball and work on success in a disciplined manner.