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Methods of Gold Mining



1. Shaft mining

Shaft mining is done by means of a grinding shaft up to a hundred and fifty ft deep to detect golden. Even though this system is a lot more of an effort and error basis, ancient miners implemented it merely whenever the prospector is convinced there is gold within the place. This way of locating gold is based on chance than aim conclusion.

2. Puddling

This system utilizes a huge container with water, and clay could be positioned indoors. The miner then stirs the container having a wood bet to divide stone. The contaminated dirt and drinking water have been carried from this container to permit the miner to determine whether gold has been present in the very bottom.

3. Dredging

Dredging consists of using a huge bucket to scoop sediment and rocks out of the lake bed. The dredge is then sifted and sorted so as to detect gold. These substances have been returned to the lake as soon as the sifting is finished.