Marketing Trends that Lives On

Being a marketer, it always creates an opportunity to reevaluate and look back at marketing strategy to attain best results. Like for example, talking to your SEO partner on how to further widen your reach and make more engagement.

As we carry on, we will identify marketing trends that really made its mark in the scene. This is something to be considered if you want your business to really boom!

Authentic and Video Marketing Voice

In this contemporary time of fancied influencers, a lot are actually craving for authenticity when doing online transactions. Marketers have transcended to videos to create true connection amongst audience. And there are many means of getting this thing done such as live broadcasting.

Live Broadcasting – whether you believe it or not, Facebook Live can pull in 135% organic views compared to images seen on its newsfeed. Due to the reason that its algorithm made it more challenging for content to be organically seen, performing live streaming becomes a vital strategy for a business’ marketing campaign.

As you go “live”, followers automatically get a notification. If you have something that interest them, then rest assure that they’ll make the time to view your stream.

CRO – this stands for Conversion Optimization. These terms have actually topped the industry from the time of its inception. However, the industry is now making a shift from narrower focus on “conversion rate” to bigger scope of experimentation as organizational focus. If there’s something to know about it, this isn’t about experimentation; rather a mindset. This can literally change how traditional marketers see their profession.

Server-Side Experimentation once again, this is getting traction when it comes to conversion optimization. It’s due to the fact that it is providing technological capability of embedding experimentation into the business which permits it to test features and algorithms.

Of course, there are some pros and cons of using it. And it is your job to weigh all the facts on how you will make it through the competition.

Rely on the Experts

At the end of the day, what is the point of working with an SEO professional if you are not going to utilize their resources, knowledge and experience?