A Healthy And Active Sex Life Makes A Better And More Efficient Entrepreneur

Researchers have discovered that having an active and healthy sex life with your partner or spouse could actually boosts one’s mood, productivity, work motivation as well as job satisfaction. Hence, it is imperative to have an active sexual life in your relationship to get these benefits.

Age Is Not A Reason For A Decrease In Sexual Activity

As people age, they tend to become less sexually active thus becoming less motivated and productive at work. However, age is not a reason for a decrease in sexual activity. Indeed, you read it correctly. You and your partner/spouse could still have an active and healthy sex life even at an older age.

Apart from practicing a healthy lifestyle, regularly using Spanish Fly can aid in increasing libido which would lead to a healthy and active sex life. As women age, the natural lubrication in the vagina decreases as well as the amount of sex hormones that circulates in the body. Using Spanish Fly on a regular basis increases the natural lubrication in the vagina and sex hormones thus raising libido.

For men, erectile dysfunction is common as they age. But, with a healthy lifestyle and regular use of Spanish Fly, ED could be addressed. Not only will it increase libido, but also make better your performance in bed.

As Spanish Fly is an aphrodisiac that is perfectly safe, legal and certified by the US FDA, you could purchase it anytime without needing a doctor’s prescription. So you can’t say that age is not a reason for a decrease in sexual activity.

How An Active Sex Life Makes A More Efficient And Better Entrepreneur

Since an active and healthy sex life improves mood, productivity, work motivation as well as job satisfaction, it could then help make entrepreneurs more efficient and successful. In fact, research and scientific evidence show that entrepreneurs who are highly-successful have more sex. Let’s have a look at some of the “hows” an active sex life makes better and more efficient entrepreneurs:

  • INCREASED LEVELS OF ENERGY. Sex increases energy levels more than caffeine. Although sex discharges relaxation-promoting chemicals in the body (causing you to doze off after sex), scheduling sex could actually increase your energy levels which you need for your entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • ENHANCED CREATIVITY. Not only will sex leave you feeling good and energized but will increase your creativity and innovative thinking as well. Oxytocin improves cognitive flexibility pathways boosting your creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Oxytocin, that post-sex afterglow, can remain in your body up to 48 hours. One study connected oxytocin to the ability of a person to produce new and innovative ideas as well as solutions/answers to problems (creative cognition.)
  • BETTER AND HEALTHIER ENGAGEMENT AT WORK. People with an active sex life have more lead in the workplace as they tend to immerse and engage themselves more in their day-to-day tasks. According to Keith Leavitt, organizational behavior and management expert, upholding a healthy relationship with a healthy active sex life helps employees remain happy, engaged and satisfied in their work.
  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. Successful entrepreneurs have great self-esteem and confidence, even when they experience disappointments and failures. A study shows that having more sexual activity offers a healthy boost of self-esteem and confidence.